Reiki Sessions with Sharon Brubaker
Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner

Note: Reiki is safe and will complement any form of complementary or medical treatment, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment For the diagnosis and treatment of any disease, please consult a medical practitioner.

45 Minute Reiki Session                        $70

The client will lie fully clothed on a massage table. A session lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The Reiki practitioner places his or her hands at locations around the head,  shoulders, the abdomen, legs, and feet. The practitioner does not need to touch the client. The Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands and into the client’s body and energy field. The effects vary from individual to individual. A Reiki session feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the client.  Usually, the client feels relaxation, peace, and well- being. Sometimes a client will feel a tingling or pulsing sensation.

To find out more about Reiki and what it can do for you, and to book your Reiki treatment, please contact Sharon via phone: 443.350.6318, email: , or her website:

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a
Japanese energy-balancing method. The
word “Reiki” means “universal life
energy.” It positively and directly affects
the quality of a person’s health. It’s a
non-intrusive, hands-on healing method
that taps into the “Ki” or sometimes
known as prana or chi energy. Scientists
refer to it as biofield energy.

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular in
healthcare. Reiki helps patients heal
faster with less pain, reduces stress, and
improves mental attitude. It assists with
reducing the negative side effects of
chemotherapy, radiation, and other
medical procedures.

Bring things into balance with Reiki.
What Reiki can do for you:

  • Reiki can boost your immune system.
  • Reiki can bring calm and reduce stress.
  • Reiki can provide relaxation, deep comfort, and peace.
  • Reiki can speed up recovering from surgery or illness.
  • Reiki can assist with relieving pain.
  • Reiki can boost creativity.
  • Reiki can bring spiritual clarity.
  • Reiki can detoxify the body and cleanse the organs.